Transforming a cargo van into a passengers minibus includes:

  • Side opening
  • Glass installation
  • Inside thermal and sound insulation with quality moist resistant materials
  • Carpeting
  • Electro installation
  • Seat and other feature installation as per the customers’ request

We work with high quality materials that are wear-free and easy to maintain.

The vehicles are tested at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the exam certificate is issued by the Road Traffic Safety Agency.

Warranty: 2 years on all parts and equipment installed.

4.50m / 2400kg 4m / 1900kg 3.5m
21+1 20+1 19+1 18+1 17+1 15+1 14+1 8+1


  • flat floor
  • installation of waterproofing wooden blocks ( thickness 15 mm )
  • decorative floor covering with PVC
  • installation of decorative aluminum strips with LED lighting
  • Optional equipment :
  • floor leveling ( setting up a steel substructure for rails that carry the seats)
  • Setting up of aluminum rails to easily move seats
  • thermal and sound insulation of the floor
  • Carving of back part of the floor and installation of a custom made trunk for luggage and spare wheel disposal
  • Lateral reinforcement
  • Cutting the sides panels for glass installation
  • Single glass installation
  • Lining the window frames with eco-leather
  • side thermal insulation
  • side upholstery
  • setting hammers in case of emergency
  • wardrobe hangers
  • Optional equipment :
  • double-layer thermal insulated glasses installation
  • eco-leather upholstery for sliding doors
  • eco-leather upholstery for rear double doors
  • Curtains
  • Transitional batten for the upper part of the glass with LED lighting
  • Transitional batten for the lower part of the glass with LED lighting
  • roof structure reinforcement
  • roof thermal insulation
  • roof upholstery,
  • Electric installation setup
  • ceiling light installation with night light
  • Optional equipment :
  • Overhead storage installation for passengers’ luggage with integrated speakers,lights and air conditioning; on the side of this storage an aluminum profile is installed with integrated night and day LED lightning
  • Sunroof installation ( with the optional panoramic glass )
  • roof turbo fans installation
  • Transitional roof batten installation with LED and integrated night light
  • water radiator installation with two coolers that exhaust heat
  • water radiator installation beneath the rear sits with fan that exhaust heat
  • air heater for diesel fuel 2KW and 4KW ( “Webasto” or “Eberspacher” )
  • YILKAR air condition installation 13,5kW monoblock
  • ALBATROS air condition installation 8 and 10kW split
  • Additional evaporator to the existing factory air conditioning
  • Refrigerators to cool drinks and food
  • Automated glass doors installation instead of front passengers’ door
  • Automated sliding doors installation powered by one or two engines
  • Automated step installation – hidden beneath the body of the vehicle when the sliding door closes.
  • Radio equipment with USB and DVD players
  • Folding monitors 17 and 19 inch
  • Amplifiers and microphones
  • Original player only for Sprinter and Crafter with a 7 inch screen , Navi , DVD , TV , SD card , USB, Blue tooth , Camera , Wi – Fi internet , Touch Screen, Divix
  • “SEGE” anatomic folding seats installation
  • fabric , eco-leather or leather seats
  • double seat lateral separation
  • movable armrests
  • handle, table mats and the lining of the ABS plastic on the back of the seat
  • folding seats for the front passenger seat (when the glass sliding door is installed instead of the front passengers’ door)
  • folding seats for easier side door entry
  • Chromed roll bars on the sides, front and rear
  • Chromed parts for the front cover
  • Chromed rear-view mirror covers
  • Chromed door handle cover
  • Chromed wheel covers
  • Removable ‘ ski box’ installed on the rear of the minibus
  • polyester installation for the rear of the vehicle ( the vehicle is extended for 40cm)
  • certified rear hook installation
  • parking sensor installation
  • rear view camera installation with a 7” inch monitor
  • tachograph installation ( for vehicles without factory-installed tachograph )
  • table in front of the first row of seats
  • mahogany instrument panel
  • clock and thermometer
  • original floor mats
  • front bumper spoilers
  • Roof side, front and rear spoliers
  • Polyester thresholds
  • Windshield shades
  • Windshields for the driver’s and front passenger’s doors
  • Hood spoiler
  • Painting all parts in the color of the vehicle
  • Smart connect device for 7 and 13 pin jacks

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